How to Restore a Lenovo Tablet to Factory Settings

Having a Lenovo branded computer is an excellent option, but these computers do not escape any damage that forces you to perform a reset or format of the Lenovo Tablet. So if you want to know how restore a Lenovo Tablet to its factory settings and protect your files with a backupcontinue reading this article.

How can I format my Lenovo Tablet in the best way?

Creative ingenuity is present in smart devices that allow you to execute different functions. In the digital market you can find varied equipment designed with the highest technological capacity, such as the Lenovo Tablet, a brand that has positioned itself in the market for the advantages of the processor and its comfortable design. Although this equipment is widely used and has stable technical support, it is not exempt from presenting some faults that make it not work properly.

In those circumstances, many resort to formatting the computer. This formatting allows you to delete everything stored on the tablet’s hard drive, to correct the fault. And despite being a simple procedure, you must be very careful when executing it. Therefore, the way to format your Lenovo Tablet is the same as formatting any Android Tablet, these are the steps: You must turn off the computer and simultaneously press the volume down and power keys.

someone formatting tablet lenovo

A menu will appear on your screen and from the options you must choose with the volume button under the Recovery option. Next, press the volume up and power buttons again for a few seconds and you will be able to see an options menu.

Click on Wipe data or factory reset and Yes, delete all user data. Wait a while for the menu to show up and choose the first option of Reboot system. When turning on, you choose the language and start configuring your Lonovo Tablet again.

Is resetting a memory different than restoring to factory settings?

In the field of computing, both Restore and Adjust are often widely used terms and honestly they seem to refer to the same thing, but in reality it is not. They are terms that indicate totally different actions. And we say it because when you apply a reset to a computeryou are restarting it.

By doing that you are cleaning and correcting any error that the equipment has presented in its system, which prevents its proper functioning, and when you reset it, the equipment returns to the initial state before presenting the error or inconvenience.

On the other hand, when you run a format, you are deleting all data from the computer’s disk or memory, so everything stored on the drive will be deleted. In this condition, the equipment is empty, so you must proceed to install the programs and software that are necessary to put it into operation again.

It is suggested that before formatting your Lonovo Tablet, you can make a backup of everything stored on the device, since everything stored in the storage memory will be deleted.

hands holding a lenovo tablet

How can I restore my Lenovo Tablet to its factory settings?

The equipment can present faults that make it slow in its functions or does not perform any action that you need, that is why many decide to restore the equipment. The same can happen with your Lenovo Tablet. Hence, it is important that you know how you can run restore to your settings of manufactures.

restore lenovo tablet

Restore your Lenovo Tablet the conventional way

You can do this process from the Settings or Settings, then Click on System and on the Advanced option. Next, you must select in Recovery options to thereby restore completely and click on Factory reset or Factory data reset.

Press confirming the action and Reset device. You choose an unlock pattern to enter your Lenovo Tablet or a PIN. Your computer will turn off and you will have to wait a couple of minutes for the factory restore to be done and that’s it.

Will you restore Lenovo Tablet with a Hard Request

First you must have the Tablet in off mode and disconnected from the charger. You press the volume up and power keys to start the tablet system in recovery mode. you are located in Factory reset and click Ok. You should wait for the reset process to run automatically. At the end, restart the computer and that’s it. This procedure is similar to hard resetting a mobile device.

Is it possible to establish a backup of my memory when formatting it?

When you perform a storage reset on your device, all data on your device or SD card is erased. For this reason, it is necessary that you execute a backup of all the data before proceeding to format it. You are located in Settings, then click on System and Select the Backup option.

Next, you must click on Make a backup of my data. There you can choose the elements to back up, when making the selection, click on Create backup. You can also restore data from a backup, following the same path Configuration, System, backup and click on Restore data from internal storage. You click on a backup file and wait.

backup lenovo tablet

What do I do if after formatting my Tablet, it does not turn on?

If after formatting your Lenovo Tablet it does not turn on or stays at the logo, then it indicates that there is a much more serious problem. But before you worry connect it to the power source, if it is the case that it does not turn on, it may be that it is downloaded. But if it turns on and stays at the logo, an error may have occurred that prevents it from starting.

We recommend you seek professional help. You may contact Lenovo support center where you can provide help to your problem. You may need to repair the software and download and install the operating system. But contact the professionals.