How to Hide One or Several apps on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

All human beings have the need to protect our privacy, many of us want to reserve certain personal information that we do not want others to have. If you share your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with someone, you might want to know how to hide one or more applications from the main screen.

Use the feature called ‘App Library’ to hide your apps

For many people, the ideal would be to have their own devices for personal use, that gives us the freedom to do many things. Like striking up conversations with certain people, using some apps, and even recording silly or provocative videos.

The problem is that not all people do not have this privilege, so they have to share their mobile devices with other family members, be it children or a partner. If this is your case, then it is normal that on more than one occasion you wanted to hide some of your adventures to those strange and curious eyes that check the phone.

It should be made clear that there is nothing wrong with hiding certain types of private information, especially if we do not cause any harm to third parties or if the data is embarrassing for you. Trying to hide some apps from your Apple device unfortunately it is impossible from a native function.

hide apps from outsiders

However, this does not mean that we we can’t do something about it. As the saying goes, where the law is created, the offense is also created. That is why you can use certain functions that were not designed for this purpose, although they can be very useful.

One of them is the application library, this section is responsible for organizing and cataloging all the applications you have downloaded, either in groups or through a list. To access it you just have to move your finger from the home screen to the left until you reach the end.

To use this function you must select the application you want to hide and keep pressing it until the pop-up window appears with the delete application option. You should press there, though don’t panic.

The app will not actually be removed and you will lose any data, rather you must take this step to push the app to the library. From there you can search for it whenever you want and use it again.

Also delete your purchase history

At Apple, every effort is made to provide you with the best security possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that you may come across different ways to protect your devices. One of them is assigning a password to the iPhone so that no one can access it without your permission.

hide apps on phone

Another way is to be able to disable GPS location so that no one can locate where you are Or where are you going? Regarding this, there is a lot of controversy between the advantages and disadvantages, so only you and those who use the device should decide.

With your iPhone phone you can also log out of any social platform like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, among others. That way, another person who has access to the same device you can open your own account on mobile.

And for those forgetful people who never know where they are, you have the option of being able to recover the ciPhone code in case you forgot. These are just some of the functions that this company offers you to ensure your well-being.

Now, if you share your device or someone else knows your passcode and you can’t change it to avoid a problem, you need to do something to hide your sensitive information. In this case you can delete the purchase history in your virtual store to prevent others from knowing what you do.

To achieve this, you just have to enter your virtual store and open your account, then look for the purchased section and locate the apps you want to hide of those curious eyes. Once you have them, you must press the hide button. As with the library, the application will only be hidden and will not be removed.

is it possible to hide apps on iphone

Remove sensitive content

If, in addition to an application, you need to hide a video, you can take advantage of hiding that content. How do you do it? On iPhone you can have several main screens, ranging between eleven to fifteen. Generally you don’t use all of them, so if you want you can try to mislead your device companions.

Just long press the app you want and drag it to one of the last home screens, then place other apps around it so it’s inconspicuous. Another option is to tap on the app and drag it onto another app (preferably one that has nothing to do with it) and create a new folder. Although these options are not very elegant, they can give you a break for a while.

How to access the app you hid on your iPhone?

If you’ve placed one or more apps in the library, just swipe your finger across the screen to the left until you reach the end of the home screens. Then you will have access to the library, where you can observe the applications classified according to categories of its usefulness.

Now, if you want to see the applications in a list format, you just have to slide your finger up the screen and you will automatically see all the applications that you have on the device.

protect your privacy on iphone

On the other hand, if you hide the app in a folder or on one of your home screens you just have to remember where you put it. If you forget, you will have to search one by one until you find it.

Should I use a third-party app to hide apps?

Those who promote third-party applications will obviously say yes, since their goal is to sell their product and make a profit. However, if you use one of those apps you have to provide data to people you don’t even know.s and that they can use that information against you.

Also, when you install one of those applications you authorize its developers to enter any section of your device. This can be extremely dangerous, so it is advisable not to do it.